by Nick Fyhrie

060613 (To gain an equal footing)


To gain an equal footing, you must forget your feet.

Don’t think about the little things like the big toe

or the wobbling little piggy that went to the market.

The big picture is not going to fit in that squiggly squishy brain

that you call home.


On the subway car, the pink-faced speckled man brought his fingers

up to his tongue to moisten the newsprint of today’s Post

while the fedora-capped Uncle Sam look-a-like curled his mustache,

wearing a gold n’ ruby ring on his pinky finger.

 The lady in the navy pumps, her veins throbbed outward

and the little boy grabbing the center pole teetered back and forth

with a shameful gaze and bruised knees.


The doors opened and I tripped on the yellow bubble gum platform and I wondered if

I would be more embarrassed if I had stayed in that car and forgot my feet.