by Nick Fyhrie

My quotes from Instagram: 

"My favorite artwork is Monet's 'Rouen Cathedral.' It is such a wonderful example of how the artist can portray light as a subject matter. I love how every time I see the painting, it changes in front of my eyes. I love that this painting makes us stop and investigate what we're looking at." NF

And from Twitter: 

"I like to take people on a journey through the art." NF

 Photo by Abby Han, The Getty Center

Photo by Abby Han, The Getty Center

It's Museum Week on social media! I was interviewed by the Getty to share what my experience is like being a docent at the museum. Each day this week will have a different subject about museum life and today is about the people. So, be on the lookout and follow the Getty Center on Twitter @GettyMuseum and Instagram @thegetty accounts for quotes from my interview and updates about the exhibitions and events!

Here's the schedule:

Monday - #secretsMW

Tuesday - #peopleMW

Wednesday - #architectureMW

Thursday - #heritageMW

Friday - #futureMW

Saturday - #zoomMW

Sunday - #loveMW