Glen Arbor, MI Residence

Two landscape oil paintings commissioned by Evolo Design, Ohio (Interior design by Jay Takach)

Lancaster, CA Residence

Abstract expressionist painting collaboration with Just One Wall

“The Long Now”, 60” square oil & acrylic on canvas, 2019

The office of Dr. Deanie Eichenstein, Psychologist, Los Angeles, CA

Newport Beach, CA Residence

Tulips still life, chalk pastel and acrylic on paper

Hollywood, CA Residence

Commissioned Old Hollywood inspired scene for the mantlepiece, “Home Sweet Home” and “After YSL, La Belle Époche” purchased for private collection - all featured in the living room.

Michael Rosenberg & Associates, New York

Suite of disco ball paintings on paper and chain watercolor.

Downtown Los Angeles artist residence

Two oil paintings “I.M. Pei knew something about Disco” (2008) and “Medusa Sleeping” (2011).