These figurative paintings start with the most current work and chronologically go back to 2013.


A continuous series of landscape oil paintings I have been working on since 2016.


MFA Graduate series of paintings including gallery installation images.

“What is the beginning of a dream but an impossible memory? It is soft, hazy and inarticulate. It is the birth of an idea into space, thus creating more space. I do not aim to represent what I can see, but to see what I can represent. In this respect, painting is the dream of reality. It should never tell its viewers what they already know. Indeed with my poetic point of view, it should not be surprising that I highlight my admiration for the French symbolist painters such as the overlooked and underappreciated Gustave Moreau and the fin-de-siècle poets and writers including Baudelaire and Flaubert. My painting, however, is not literary. It is more of a kinship that bonds me to these masters of an art that derives from an oneiric drive. In this sense, many view my paintings as anachronistic. The principal motivation that fuels my process is my imagination and from that realm, the imagery I choose to represent is identifiable, yet strange and unclear in its irrational recombination on the canvas.”

- NF, School of Visual Arts, New York, 2013


Artist in residence for summer program, 2012, Paris, France


“The disco ball is the perfect object to paint - it is painting itself: light, color, form, reflection, and movement".”



A series I made while at the Summer Art Residency at the School of Visual Arts, New York in 2008


I developed my first paintings during my undergraduate studies at the University of California, Los Angeles working from photos I took at social gatherings. I was specifically interested in expression, ambiguous compositions, cropping figures, and using color in an unexpected way. I came out during this time and it had a big impact on my point of view, which was confusion and self-expression at the same time.